• Informatization and digitization of work and organization
  • Trust and cooperation
  • Social perceptions of meaningful work
  • Engineering studies
  • Spatial consequences of using ICT’s

fields of research: automotive industry, ICT-industry, social work, physicians in public hospitals

research could be located in: sociology of work, industry, technology, organizations studies, media sociology and sociology of professions.

Research Projects

  • in the course of „digitisation of work“

Work in digital public administration
09/2017- 12/2017 [HMdIS; HfPV]

Work between Bits und Bytes (proposal funding)
09/2014 – 08/2015 [Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main]
Team: Dr. Mascha Will-Zocholl (PI), Lina Behling

Aim of the project is to analyse processes of digitisation and virtualisation of work. Those are part of a new phases of informatisation. One goal is to get insight in different fields of possible research which consequences are going along with theses changes for employees and organisations. Further to evaluate relevant fields of studies.

ICT-Industry Report 2014 (Germany)
10/2013 – 03/2014 [Hans-Böckler-Stiftung]
in cooperation with the Institute of Social Sciences (ISF) München
Team: Prof. Dr. Andreas Boes (PI), Dr. Tobi Kämpf, Dr. Mascha Will-Zocholl

Boundaryless Work as Challenge for Industrial Relations (EvA-BR) (pre study)
04/2013 – 10/2013 [Kooperationsstelle Wissenschaft und Arbeitswelt] Dr. Team: Dr. Mascha Will-Zocholl (PI), Sybille Kühnel

Trust in inter and intraorganisational cooperation (TRUST Teamwork)
09/2009 – 07/2013 [BMBF]
Cooperation Partner: Technische Universität Darmstadt (Institut für Soziologie + FB Maschinenbau/FG DiK), Fraunhofer IAO Stuttgart, ISF München e.V, Fa. Marquardt GmbH, Rietheim; Fa. :em AG, Darmstadt
Team: Prof. Dr. Rudi Schmiede (PI), Dr. Christian Schilcher, Dr. Mascha Will-Zocholl, Brigitte Pentendra, Marc Ziegler, Robin Straub, Sybille Kühnel, Laura Wleklinski, Janis Diekmann.

Interorganisational and intraorganisational (among different locations) cooperation are very complex to manage. Managing by trust reduces extended processes of control in teams, transaction costs and increases the coherence of a diverse team. But in increasingly competitive cooperation moments the danger of a misuse of trust is also given. Often mistrust rules over trust instead. The aim of this research project was to mark the influence of trust in cooperation. Define its success factors and show how it can be developed in newly composed teams. Further to develop instruments and tools to support trustful interactions in cooperation.

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Knowledge Work in the Automotive Industry
11/2006 – 08/2010  Dissertationsprojekt [DFG]

Aim of the project is the analysis of the nature of work in engineering work. A field of hogh-skilled work under conditions of an increasingly international division of labor and interorganisational cooperation in automotive engineering. After a period of dense research of engineers work from the 1970ies – 1990ies in Sociology of Work and Industry, this field lacks  today new evidente about the current changes in this increasingly important field of work. Three case studies among two big car makers and one system supplier have been completed.

  • in the course of „meaningful work“

Social perceptions of meaningful work and experiencing meaning in the world of work
04/2014-03/2016 [DFG]
Dr. Friedericke Hardering (PI), Prof. Heather Hofmeister, PhD. (PI), Dr. Mascha Will-Zocholl, Lina Behling, Anna Kirschner.

  • in the course of „Engineering Studies“

Ingenieurinnen@work (proposal funding)
08/2013 – 12/2013 [gemeinsames Frauenforschungszentrum der hessischen Fachhochschulen gFFZ]
Dr. Mascha Will-Zocholl (PI), Robin Straub